Anton Bauer Dionic XT150

Anton Bauer’s Dionic XT Battery is a robust Gold-mount lithium-ion power source boasting a 156Wh capacity. Built to fuel 14.4V cameras and LED fixtures, it packs a punch with a 12A constant current capability.

Featuring a versatile multi-mode backlit display with touch switch for backlight activation and mode selection, along with USB and P-Tap power outputs for accessories, it ensures seamless operation and convenience on set.

Moreover, it handles challenging loads effortlessly, with a 20A capability for 2 seconds to manage inrush, and offers over 1,000 cycles of life with a flat capacity curve. Plus, it’s boost charge compatible for added flexibility in charging options.


  • Gold-Mount Lithium-Ion
  • 156Wh Capacity
  • 12A Constant Current Capability
  • 14.4V Nominal Voltage
  • Multi-Mode Backlit Display
  • USB & P-Tap Power Outputs
  • Boost Charge Compatible
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