Arri FF4 Follow Focus

The ARRI FF-4 Basic Follow Focus Unit offers filmmakers a sturdy and cost-effective solution for achieving precise focus control. Its sleek black finish and single-sided design make it a sleek addition to any camera rig, while its compatibility with lightweight 15mm rods adds to its versatility. The 1:2 knob-to-gear ratio ensures smooth and accurate focus pulls across a range of lenses. While the focus gear is not included, the FF-4’s modular design allows for compatibility with various ARRI follow focus accessories, including whips, speed cranks, and knob accessories (sold separately). With its included flat marking disk and robust construction, the FF-4 Basic Unit is a reliable tool for achieving professional focus control in filmmaking.

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Key Features
  • Slides Onto 15mm LWS Rods
  • Requires Adapter for 19mm Rod Use
  • 1:2 Gear Ratio Suits Variety of Lenses
  • Single Unit for Left/Operator Side
  • Includes 1 x Standard Focus Knob
  • Requires Gear – Available Separately
  • Sleek Black Finish
  • Enables Accurate Focus Markings
  • Compatible with ARRI FF Accessories
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