Arri SXU-1 Single Axis Remote Control

The ARRI SXU-1 Single Axis Unit sounds like a versatile tool for wireless control in filmmaking. Its single-axis focus, iris, or zoom control capabilities, along with remote camera start/stop and tally functions, offer flexibility on set. The ergonomic wooden handgrip and backlit display window enhance usability in various lighting conditions. Additionally, compatibility with the WCU-4 or SMC-1 single-motor controller expands its functionality further. With features designed to ensure visibility of focus marks and smooth operation, the SXU-1 seems like a reliable addition to any filmmaker’s toolkit.

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  • Single Axis Lens Control
  • For Focus, Iris, or Zoom
  • Backlit Control Knob
  • Remote REC and Tally
  • Use with WCU-4 for Dual-Axis Control
  • Ergonomic Wooden Handgrip
  • Compact Form
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