Candreva Z Plate – LM/RA Low Mode Plate

The Plate-LM/RA Low-Mode Plate from Candreva offers convenient and versatile mounting options for quickly transitioning your camera into a low mode setup. Here’s a breakdown of its key features:

  • Z-shaped Design: The plate features a Z-shaped design, which allows for easy and stable mounting of your camera in low mode configuration. This design ensures that the camera remains secure and balanced during operation.
  • Quick Release Plate: One side of the plate features a quick release plate that is compatible with Euro plate receivers, such as the OConnor 2575 fluid head. This enables swift attachment and detachment of the plate to the fluid head, facilitating seamless transitions between setups.
  • Pass-through Mounting Holes: The other side of the plate is equipped with multiple pass-through mounting holes for attaching your camera. These holes offer flexibility in positioning the camera and accommodating various mounting accessories.
  • Dual Quick Release Plates: The plate includes quick release plates on both ends, allowing for quick and easy mounting changes. This feature enhances efficiency and convenience, particularly in fast-paced production environments where rapid setup adjustments are required.

Overall, the Plate-LM/RA Low-Mode Plate from Candreva is designed to streamline the process of mounting your camera in low mode configuration, offering reliability, versatility, and ease of use for professional videographers and cinematographers.

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The Plate-LM/RA Low-Mode Plate from Candreva offers compatibility with several professional fluid heads and mounting systems, including:

  • OConnor 2575 Head
  • Ronford-Baker RBQ
  • Multiple Heads with Euro Plate Receiver

Key physical attributes of the plate include:

  • Mounting: It features multiplex pass-through holes for versatile camera mounting options, accommodating different setups and configurations. Additionally, it includes 2x OConnor 2575 Quick Release Plates for swift attachment and detachment.
  • Dimensions: When assembled, the plate measures approximately 17.9 x 9.69 x 4.71 inches (45.5 x 24.61 x 11.96 cm), providing ample space for secure mounting of the camera and compatibility with various camera rigs and accessories.
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