Cine Saddle

The Cinesaddle is a versatile support system designed to provide stability for your camera in various shooting situations. Here are its key features:

  • Soft and Adaptable: Made of durable, waterproof canvas with strong stitching, the Cinesaddle is soft and easily adaptable to different surfaces. It serves as an alternative to a tripod, allowing you to support your camera on almost any surface.
  • Compatibility: The original saddle size of the Cinesaddle is suitable for DSLR, mirrorless, and compact cine camera rigs, providing stability and support for a wide range of camera setups.
  • Komfy Strap: Included with the Cinesaddle is the Komfy Strap, a substantial cushion that attaches to the saddle strap. This feature helps to relieve strain on the operator’s neck and shoulder during prolonged use, enhancing comfort during shooting sessions.
  • Mounting Platform: The Cinesaddle is shaped to cradle your camera securely, providing a stable mounting platform that conforms to both oddly shaped terrain and flat surfaces. This versatility makes it suitable for use in various shooting environments.
  • Storage Pockets: Three open pockets on the saddle provide convenient storage for small items such as batteries, memory cards, or lens caps, keeping essential accessories within easy reach during shoots.


  • For DSLRs & Compact Cine Cameras
  • Heavy-Duty Waterproof Canvas
  • Cushioned Komfy Shoulder Strap
  • Conforms to Irregularly Shaped Platforms
  • Interior Foam Balls Absorbs Vibration
  • 3 Open Pockets for Small Items
  • Mounting Kit Included
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