Core Dual Voltage 150Wh Helix Max

Helix Max is a game-changing on-board battery system that revolutionizes the cinematic industry with its cutting-edge power capabilities. With a focus on powering cinematic camera and lighting equipment, Helix Max is the most complete battery system ever offered to the industry, featuring a Native Dual Voltage, 14v/28v output, providing better designed and performing on-board high voltage solutions.


Capacity: 10Ah, 148wh
Operational Voltage: Native Dual Voltage, DC 11v-16.8v/DC 22v-33.6v
Size: 3.54″ x 4.65″x 2.72″
Weight: 2.2lbs.
Load: 20A @ 16.8v, 10A @ 33.6v

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