EZ Rig Minimax

Tailored for documentaries, news coverage, events, and beyond, the Easyrig Minimax is crafted for productions demanding extensive handheld camerawork, supporting cameras weighing between 4.4 and 15.4 lb. Instead of straining your arms by handholding the camera, the Minimax efficiently redistributes the weight of your camera setup using its body harness. This alleviates the burden on your arms, allowing you to maintain steady shots for extended durations and minimizing fatigue.


  • Support for Small Video Cameras
  • 4.4 to 15.4 lb Payload Range
  • Lockable Camera Hook with Spring
  • Redistributes Camera Weight
  • Relieves Strain from Your Arms
  • Helps Get Steady Shots
  • Height-Adjustable Support Bar
  • Smooth Support Rope Movement
  • Pivoting Upper Arm
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