Preston FIZ 3

The FI+Z is a 3-channel lens and camera control system. This latest version of an industry classic brings together robust construction, high precision and intuitive operation. The system can control both lens functions (focus, iris, and zoom) as well as camera functions (speed, shutter angle, and VTR).

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The Hand Unit 3 adds impressive new features and functionality to the system. It integrates its 30 channel 2.4GHz wireless link into a splash-resistant housing. Weather sealed tactile switches are used throughout. The integrated microwave antenna is protected from impact. The iris slider uses a unique non contact technology to eliminate the need for sliding seals.

New software called “Lens Mapping” allows the focus distance markings of a lens to be matched to a set of five pre-marked focus scale rings. These rings differ in their minimum focus marks which range from 9″ (.35m) to 6′ (2m). The on-board lens library holds data for 100+ lenses, freeing the assistant from having to mark up individual rings.

A bright, sharp, organic LED display shows camera, lens, and Hand Unit set-up status. Focus settings can be displayed digitally for Cooke i-Lenses, or any lens which has been calibrated to the unit.

Electronic focus marks can also be entered and displayed. A new bargraph display mode shows graphically the relation between the focus knob setting and any nearby focus marks.

All wireless products are now equipped with generation 4 transceivers. These units are identified by distinctive Generation 4 labels.

Generation 4 transceivers address the challenges brought about by the proliferation of wireless devices using the 2.4 GHz wireless band. Their new architecture provides greatly improved ability to reject interference from other devices operating in the same band as well as out of band interference.

These new devices also have two additional avantages: much lower power consumption which doubles the operating time under battery power, and a much higher level of integration which leads to improved reliability.

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