Sachtler 20

The Sachtler Video 20 S1 Fluid Head is designed with an expanded payload range and a simplified balancing system for increased versatility and ease of use. This wider range accommodates lightweight cameras like video DSLRs, thanks to a 16-step counterbalance system that offers precise tuning. It also maintains compatibility with heavier ENG and EFP camcorders, with the addition of a Boost Button for sudden shifts in payload range.

In addition to the improved counterbalance, the Video 20 S1 retains the features that made its predecessor, the Video 18, popular. These include 7 levels of drag, a self-illuminating bubble level, a Touch and Go plate for quick mounting and removal, and Sachtler’s trusted Speedbalance technology. The Video 20 S1 builds upon the reputation of the Video 20 in the field of newsgathering, aiming to exceed its performance.


  • Supports 4-55 lbs (2-25kg)
  • Balances DSLR to ENG/EFP Cameras
  • 100mm Bowl Mount
  • 16-step Counterbalance
  • Boost Button
  • 7 Steps of Drag
  • Touch & Go Plate
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