Sachtler 25

The Sachtler 25 stands out for its lightweight design, particularly notable for a Studio / OB head. Equipped with a seven-step damping system that remains consistent across temperatures, professional camera operators can capture clear and precise footage in any environment.

Featuring an 18-step counterbalance system, the Video 25 Plus offers easy and safe adjustment in nine stages using the renowned Sachtler dial. Fine-tuning is made possible with a half-step function that can be activated or deactivated as needed. Even tilting angles of up to 90° pose no challenge for the Video 25 Plus, even when handling maximum loads.

Incorporating well-known Sachtler features such as the Touch & Go quick release system and the Self-illuminating Touch Bubble, along with conveniently located horizontal and vertical brakes, the Video 25 Plus ensures maximum safety and efficiency in fast-paced reporting scenarios.

Available with either a 150mm ball base or a 4-hole flat base, the Video 25 Plus can be mounted on all 150mm or flat base tripods for added versatility.


  • Camera Plate Features: Sliding Balance Plate, Quick Release
  • Camera Plate Type: Touch & Go Plate 16
  • Base Mount: 150 mm Half Ball
  • Counter Balance: Incremental 18-Step
  • Load Capacity: 77 lb / 35 kg
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