Sachtler Aluminum Baby Legs Ground Spreader

Getting the best results means going wherever the perfect shot is, even if that is only just above the ground. The Sachtler DA 150 K aluminum Tripod is designed to give you high levels of performance and stability for extremely low shooting positions of 15- 39 cm. Supporting a maximum payload of 40 kg means that getting this low doesn’t have to come at the expense of performance.

The head features a 150 mm bowl base, while the rotary clamping system lets you get to work quickly with confidence that your camera is securely in place. Weighing just 3 kg and with a transport length of 32 cm, the Sachtler DA 150 K opens up a range of new possibilities without taking up excessive space. The aluminum design means this tripod will be a reliable working partner, no matter where you take it.


  • Bowl Size: 150 mm
  • Height With Ground Spreader: 15 cm to 39 cm
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Payload: 0 kg to 40 kg
  • Transport Length: 32 cm
  • Tripod Stages: 1
  • Weight Without Spreader: 3.1 kg
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