Vinten Vision 11

The Vinten Vision 11 fluid head offers several features tailored to provide smooth and precise camera movements, making it suitable for professional videography. Here’s a breakdown of its key features:.

Overall, the Vinten Vision 11 fluid head is designed to meet the needs of professional videographers by providing precise control, smooth movements, and reliable performance, making it a valuable tool for capturing high-quality video footage in various production environments.


  • Illuminated Leveling Bubble: The illuminated leveling bubble facilitates quick and easy setup by providing a visual reference for ensuring the head is perfectly leveled. This feature is especially useful in low-light conditions or when working quickly on set.
  • Detented and Calibrated Drag Controls: The drag controls on the Vision 11 are detented and calibrated, meaning they have predefined positions for different levels of drag. This allows for consistent and repeatable adjustments, ensuring smooth and controlled movements during panning and tilting. The drag controls utilize Vinten’s Lubricate Friction (LF) system, enhancing the fluidity and precision of camera movements.
  • Tilt Movement: The fluid head offers a full ±90° smooth tilt movement, providing flexibility in framing and composition. This wide range of tilt motion allows for capturing a variety of angles and perspectives with ease.
  • Counterbalance Range: The counterbalance system of the Vision 11 offers a range from 14.3 to 37.5 lbs, allowing it to support a wide range of camera setups and accessories. This adjustable counterbalance ensures proper balance and stability, even with heavier payloads, resulting in smoother camera movements and improved handling
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